Each year we accept a limited number of couples for our wedding planning & curation services. Having a tailor made approach is what enables us to focus on each and every detail, making sure you have the most incredible and unique celebration. 

With an elegant flair, we aim to create timeless and utterly romantic occasions. 

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This is our full service collection.

From discovering your wedding style and personality to the installation on the day of. Planned to the smallest detail, with a flawless execution. 

After designing an overall vision for your wedding, we will carefully select the perfect venue and find all the top class vendors, just for you. 

We will handle budget management, coordinate the dream team, put together a seamless timeline and curate every single detail making sure all is in tune for a meaningful and unforgettable experience. 

You can rest assured we will be there for you all the way so you can relax and enjoy the beauty of being engaged to your soul mate. 






This is the perfect service for the couples that are looking for a guiding light throughout the wedding planning process.

We will work together with you to define an unique creative vision for your day and guide you through the process of choosing the best vendors to bring your dream wedding to life.

We will also provide you with a carefully thought-out timeline and very convenient tools so you can rest assured that no detail is left unattended and that you can enjoy your celebration at ease.  

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portugal wedding planner _ wedding planning in portugal _ love is my favorite color




This is a tailored service for the couples who wish to elope.

We will find the perfect location for your intimate wedding and put together a selected team of vendors to make sure you have a truly special day.  

All details will be taken care of for an unforgettable experience 





Get in touch if you wish to know more about our services and rates.

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